Monday, August 3, 2015

Monday Rewind

I can't believe another week is over!  I've probably said it ten times, but summer is going SO fast.  These past few days have been busier than usual.  I've been wrapping up my research for the summer, and as I mentioned in my last post, I had to give a presentation about it at a research conference last Friday.  I absolutely hate giving presentations.  Even in front of people I know, my voice shakes and I talk so fast that no one can even understand me.  I was especially nervous because I knew my research mentor was going to be there to watch, and I was worried about saying something wrong.  I practiced about a million times for my sister over Skype though, and I think it went well overall.  I'm pretty sure I still talked a mile a minute, but people seemed really interested and asked a lot of questions, so I must have been somewhat comprehensible (haha). 

Friday night I went out with some friends, and the next morning I headed home to hang out for a bit with my family.  This was probably one of my last weekends home for a while.  I'm going to miss snuggling with my puppies and having someone cook for me!

Saturday I helped my mom make dinner.  Asparagus is one of my favorite veggies!

My sister and I did some late night baking, and then had these lemon squares for breakfast the next morning (very healthy haha). 
....followed by half a cantaloupe, each.  Based on my pictures, I spend most of my time at home eating.  Which is mostly true ;) 

On my way back to school I stopped at Loft and made a bunch of returns that have been piling up.  Even though the summer season is almost over, I couldn't resist picking up these cute little shorts off the sale rack!  They are SO comfy, I'm going to be living in them for the rest of this month.  I can't seem to find this color on the website, but they have them in grey right now for 50% off $45 if you want to grab them!    

But its back to the real world for me today.  I'm doing two weeks of shadowing in an internal medicine clinic before school starts.  Hopefully it will help switch my brain back into the "learning" mode!  I also need to figure out some good things to pack for lunch.  If I were a more organized and motivated person I would have meal prepped over the weekend...but I didn't so today I'm winging it!  Any suggestions?  What have you guys been up to this week?


  1. I've been making lemon bars for years, but LOVE those hearts on them! How did you guys do that?!

    plus love the stethoscope selfie, obvi ;)

    1. We made a little stencil out of paper and then sifted the powered sugar over it. My sister's idea (she is way more creative than I am haha). Thanks for stopping by Fran! :)